A hand holding a Bird Dog

Like your Bo on the go? Try Bo’s Bird Dogs, our newest handheld addition to the menu.

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Get ‘em while they’re hot

We put a Chicken Supreme inside a toasted potato bun, layered on our thick-cut pickles and drizzled it all in Bo’s Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce.

Bird dog crispy chicken
Bird dog pickles
Bird dog BBQ sauce
Formed Bird Dog

Hungry in a Hurry?

Bo’s Bird Dogs were made to eat with one hand. So whether you’re on the move or dining in, you’ll have a hand free for a drink, napkins or a side order of our authentic Southern fixins. Upgrade to a combo and have it all!

A hand holding a Bird Dog

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For the big game, for the long drive or for the love of our chicken. Bo’s Bird Dogs are at your local Bojangles for a limited time!

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A smartphone showing an image of a meal with two Bird Dogs, a Bojangles drink and fries